SEMCO FORGE manufactures Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel & Stainless Steel Forgings & Machining of Components as per customers specific design, specification and requirements.

   Screw Couplings
   Rubber Buffer Springs
   Rubber Springs for Traction
   Coupler Draw Bar
   Coupler Fork End
   Air Brake Components Consisting of

(A) Distributor Valve
(B) Slack Adjuster
i. DRV2A – 450
ii. DRV2A – 500
iii. DRVRA – 600
(C) Air Brake Cylinder 10" - 12"
(D) Cut off Angle Cock LH3 & RH3

   Vacuum Brake Component
   Vacuum Brake Hose Coupling and hose
   Vacuum Brake hoses
   VTA Valve or Load Sensing Devices
   Cast Iron Brake Shoes and Composite Brake Shoes
   Cast Iron Brake Shoe Key

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