Mr. R.C. Singal

He is the principal drive force behind the growth and success of Semco Group of Companies and is responsible for the company's strategic planning, policies & corporate directions. As an able entrepreneur and technocrat, Mr. Singal has enriched the group with his vision of sound business governance and value driven management practices.

Mr. Neeraj Singal
Director & CEO

Neeraj is an astute entrepreneur and visionary in the field of Railways, Defense and Automobiles. He’s an expert in govt. liaison and contracting and has an exceptional network in the geographies of India and abroad. He has aided renowned brands across the globe in establishing a commercial tie up with Indian Defense and law Enforcement market. As a leader he ensures that the skills and virtue of his team are tapped and honed regularly; he communicates effectively with his team which manages to execute tasks with utmost precision and dexterity.

Mr. Amit Singal
Plant Head

Amit is an operations expert who ensures that all contracts taken on by SEMCO are executed flawlessly without delay or errors.

Mrs. Nandita Gupta
Senior Manager

Nandita is an experienced marketing and operations expert who works closely with our chairman to acquire clients and oversee bidding and contract execution.

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